Dry Needling Treatment For Back Pain

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More than 25% of Americans suffer from musculoskeletal condition that seeks for medical attention. For a fact, musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are the main reason for disability in the country and pertain to more than half of all chronic conditions in patients, who are older than 50 years old. Specifically, chronic back pain is linked to most of the common musculoskeletal pain conditions gained in the country. Such can be cured through nonoperatively or surgically, depending on the reason of the pain practitioner’s philosophy, neurologic symptoms and problem. Dry needling is one of the known means on treating back pain. Others are through using back pain relieving tools like a Decompression Belt. You may purchase it through this link.

What is dry needling?

For a fact, dry needling (DN) is a unique treatment way for treating chronic low back pain. It is a procedure wherein filiform needles (like the ones used for acupuncture) are applied in the body to deactivate myofascial trigger points (MTrPs). Such trigger points are hyperirritable, focal and distinct spots found in a stiff band of skeletal muscle. These spots experience pain during compression, and these can result to autonomic phenomena, referred pain, motor dysfunction and referred tenderness.

In a dry needling procedure, a clinician applies thin filiform needles (similar to the ones used in acupuncture) into a trigger point. The objective is to relax the trigger point. Everyone has trigger points, but these can result to symptoms upon being active. During the time the trigger point is deactivated, you will feel an increase in your motion and function, as well as a lowering down of pain.

How can a dry needling session deactivate trigger points?

Today, researchers are not still sure how a dry needling session deactivate trigger points, but they believe that a session would enhance blood flow to the trigger point to relax muscle contraction. Others also hypothesize that a dry needling session will aid in blocking pain signals.

For the reason it relies on needles to encourage a response, a lot of persons relate dry needling with acupuncture. These two (2) procedures are not the same. The objective of acupuncture is to release the body’s energy, known as the Qi. Acupuncture is able to move it through the body’s systems (like the muscular, nervous, circulatory and etc.). On the other hand, dry needling does not implement the acupuncture’s ancient philosophy, because it concentrates on the targeted treatment of nerve and muscle pain.

Dry needling is a therapy recognized for easing trigger point pain in the spinal column. Its practitioners have used it for a lot of other conditions, like the carpal tunnel syndrome and cervicogenic headaches. Other practitioners of dry needling are doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurses and acupuncturists.

Dry Needling Acts Best On Other Low Back Pain Treatments

During the year 2018, researchers studied on the available evidence on dry needling to gain knowledge on how effective the therapy is at acting on trigger points that result to low back pain. Results showed that a scientific evidence correlating dry needling to cut down on low back pain was lacking. On the other hand, they were able to draw some facts from the small sample of studies they probed on

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