The Best Place to Get Glasses for Kids

Del Rosario

Online tends to be the best place to buy kids glasses. It’s normally not fun to go shopping in person with a child (although this can vary). Many kids are overcurious and want to touch and try on everything. By going online, you widen your options while not having to stifle your child’s natural curiosity. Here’s a look at several other considerations.

Wider Selection of Kids Glasses Online

In-person retailers tend to have limited selections of eyeglasses, and the kids’ styles tend to be among the smallest. Go online, and you get these easy advantages:

  • Primary and backup glasses that your kids find appealing
  • Selections that match your budget
  • Calculations such as pupillary distance
  • Shopping at your pace (with or without the child)
  • Features such as wraparound temples for babies and toddlers, and temples with spring hinges (protects the glasses against rough and tumble)

You can browse the kids’ selection at 10 online stores in a fraction of the time it takes to drive to one store in person and look at its offerings.

Pupillary Distance

Before you can buy glasses online (or in person) for your child, you need a prescription. The doctor must give you this after the child’s eye exam ends. You never should have to ask for it, and the prescription can’t be contingent on something in exchange (for example, an extra cost or an agreement to buy glasses from a store the doctor is allied with).

The ideal prescription would include your child’s pupillary distance. Unfortunately, many don’t. Getting it is easy, though. For instance, you can just ask your doctor during the exam or call the office afterward. However, many online stores can help you calculate the distance. Smartphone apps also do this.

Pupillary distance is important because it ensures your child is looking through the center of the glasses’ lens. The distance is the space between the center of the pupils of both eyes. If you get the pupillary distance wrong or don’t submit it, you risk unnecessarily straining your child’s eyesight with the new glasses. This distance is measured in millimeters, and it’s possible for you to measure your child’s pupillary distance with a ruler. If you do this, try another method to double-check accuracy.

A Middle Ground Many people have never bought glasses online. If this describes you, consider a middle ground. Buy your child’s primary pair in person, and get a cheaper, backup pair online. That experience may ease you into the benefits. Here are some further factors to keep in mind when shopping for kids glasses online.

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