Quick Painting Tips for Beginners

Del Rosario

The exciting part about painting your space is that it allows you to become your own. However, if you’ve never painted before, you might need to seek the assistance of experts to get a professional-looking finish. Many service providers like this company, the New Casa Painters, apply proven methods and techniques to provide a high-quality finish.

Here are some of the effective ways when it comes to painting, especially for amateur painters:

  • Clean Instantly with TSP

The first thing to do is clean the surface so that the paint can easily adhere to previously painted walls and woodwork. Using a sponge and trisodium phosphate cleaner (or other TSP substitute), quickly wash off dirt, dust, mold, and debris. TSP cleans fast and doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing. 

For safety purposes, wear gloves and turn up the cuffs to keep the TSP concentrate from running down your arm.

  • Strain Out the Goobers

If you want a smooth finish then you need to make sure that there are no small chunks or strands of hard paint in it. It won’t take more than three minutes to strain out the goobers. You can use a strainer or old pantyhose. Place it over an empty bucket and pour the paint.

Note: even newly opened paint can have small chunks.

  • Hassle-free Paint Application to Window Sashes

When painting windows, most beginners slop paint onto glass then scrape it off with a razor. But if you will learn how to do it properly with a paintbrush, you won’t have to scrape and it is easier to seal the paint intact between the wood and the glass.

Choose a small brush that you can control smoothly. Load your brush and lay off the paint on the sash, staying about ½ inch from the glass. When the brush is half unloaded, go back and cut in closely. Control the brush carefully and let its bristles barely touch the glass so the paint seals the tiny gap between the wood and the glass. If paint does drip on the window, let it dry before scraping with a razor. 

  • Cover the Paint! Keep it Fresh!

Paint is like nail polish and it dries fast, even paints in your roller tray. If you need to take a break for more than a quarter an hour, cover the paint. You can use aluminum foil to cover your roller tray or place the lid of your bucket and damp cloth over your handheld paint container.

  • Use Extenders to  Avoid Do-Overs

You need to apply the paint when it’s wet to avoid visible lap marks and runs you’ll have to deal with. Lap marks are those dark, prominent lines caused by painting over an area that’s already dry. You need to keep the paint wet longer so you won’t have to worry about them. 

Using a paint extender is one of the best ways to prolong the ‘open time’ of paint. Paint extenders help level out brush marks and paint runs and you won’t have to go back and fix them later.

  • Cut in One Wall at a Time

It is tempting to cut in along trim once you have your paintbrush in hand. Focus on one wall or area at a time so blending the paint is much better and reducing the chance of lap marks.

  • Don’t Overdo the Taping

Many people spend too much time taping off all the trim with masking tape. It is not only time consuming but it also doesn’t guarantee good results as paint can still bleed under the tape. 

It is suggestible to tape only those horizontal surfaces like chairs and tables where paint splatter can land. When it comes to vertical surfaces like door and window trim, just cut in carefully with your paintbrush so you don’t slop paint onto the trim.

Tape may create its own set of problems, like coming off even before you start painting a wall. Pulling it off can scrape some freshly paint particles stuck with the adhesive. You can use a hair blower before removing the tape to ensure it won’t make mess.

If you wish to paint your house by yourself, it is better to apply the above tips to have good results. Have a nice coverage and awesome paint finish ahead!

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