Unique Ways to Improve Small Bathroom Storage Space

Del Rosario

If your bathroom is feeling more cramped than comfortable, it’s time to grab your measuring tools and redesign your space. An efficient bathroom doesn’t have to take up a large amount of square footage in your home. Instead, these space-saving options can help you maximize your small bathroom.

  •  Opt for a Shower

While a soaker tub can be a luxurious way to spend an evening, most homeowners very rarely use a full bathtub. Save space in your small bathroom by switching to a shower. If your bathroom has a tile floor, you can create a shower with a head and a floor drain, rather than a full shower stall.

  •  Use Corners Wisely

When space is a premium, you need to utilize every corner effectively. Consider a corner sink, shower or built-in corner shelving for all four corners of your small bathroom. Even a shelf behind your door can be used for extra towels and other toiletries.

Even if your toilet is in a corner, you can still take advantage of unique shelving solutions. Shelves, racks or even countertops can extend over the top of your toilet. This helps you increase your storage space. Don’t let your toilet keep you from an efficient storage design.

  •  Create Recessed Shelving

For a truly customized small bathroom, use your measuring tools to determine whether you can create recessed shelving. Your studs typically have approximately 14 inches of free space, so you may be able to cut into your walls and create shelving that doesn’t take up additional square footage. Before you begin, you’ll need to find a wall cavity that doesn’t have electrical wires, plumbing or ductwork in order to have enough space for your new shelving.

  •  Upgrade to a Medicine Cabinet

Small bathrooms require everything to perform double duty. Don’t just hang a mirror behind your sink, but use a medicine cabinet. These highly functional cabinets give you additional shelving behind your mirror, making it easy to increase your shelving space without losing a mirror. They also help you hide your medicine and toiletries when not in use. A well-organized bathroom can feel much smaller than a cluttered one.

  •  Consider a Pocket Door

Another excellent way to make your bathroom feel larger is to switch out your door for a pocket door. Once you install a pocket door, you’ll be surprised at the amount of space a swinging door takes up. To upgrade to a pocket door, you’ll need to remove some framework and install a specialized wall unit to support your wall while still providing room for the pocket door.

Check your walls on either side of your door to see if you have room for a pocket door. You’ll need to adjust any plumbing, electrical or ductwork that uses the space your pocket door will occupy when opened.
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